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The Saliva Alcohol Test Strip is a professional, highly sensitive method used to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva. It’s simple and reliable and detects alcohol at concentrations of 0.02% to 0.30% for BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels. The UK conviction and arrest rate for drink driving is 0.08% BAC. The Alcohol Detection Strip is a one-step, 2 min. test requiring no instrumentation or training - use in saliva for simple quick alcohol detection.


Features include:

  • A simple 2 minute saliva test for BAC levels
  • Simply saturate the reaction pad with saliva
  • Any alcohol present will turn the re-agent pad green
  • Colour standards are printed on the package to show levels
  • CE marked with full clear instructions
  Saliva Alcohol Test Strips - 5 Test Pack
  Code: ADS-005 Price: £8.99 + VAT per pack
  Saliva Alcohol Test Strips - 12 Test Pack
  Code: ADS-012 Price: £12.99 + VAT per pack
  Saliva Alcohol Test Strips - 25 Test Pack
  Code: ADS-025 Price: £29.99 + VAT per pack
  Saliva Alcohol Test Strips - 50 Test Pack
    Code: ADS-050 Price: £55.25 + VAT per pack
  Saliva Alcohol Test Strips - 100 Test Pack
  Code: ADS-100 Price: £87.99 + VAT per pack
    Saliva Alcohol Test Strips - 250 Test Pack
    Code: ADS-250 Price: £207.50 + VAT per pack
    Saliva Alcohol Test Strips - 500 Test Pack
    Code: ADS-500 Price: £400.00 + VAT per pack
AngelScope® The Official Operation Alcoholwatch™ Stickers, Labels and Posters
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Advice to Parents
Advice to Parents
  Operation Alcoholwatch™ . . .

Operation Alcoholwatch™

This short film celebrates the success of Safe Newcastle's initiative to tackle youth crime and disorder. Operation Alcoholwatch™ is a joint venture involving Newcastle City Council, Northumbria Police and AngelScope® Ltd.

AngelScope® has been working in partnership with Safe Newcastle’s Community Safety Team and Northumbria Police to monitor the sale of alcohol to under 18s, in an effort to reduce anti-social behaviour and alcohol related crime.

This DVD was produced for Safe Newcastle and uploaded for Angelscope® by 3pointmedia 

Angelscope® have designed warning labels, pictured below, which are tamperproof and marked with unique serial numbers. These identify where a bottle is sold to a person under 18 or bought by an adult for a person under 18, anywhere in the UK. Warning posters and weatherproof street posters are also available for which Angelscope® holds full copyright.

The continued success of Alcoholwatch™ with Newcastle City Council and Northumbria Police, particularly during school holiday periods, makes us hopeful that more police forces will join the scheme.

Left to right: Kevin McGready, Anti-Social Behaviour Coordinator, James Maguire CSO and shopkeeper Ramesh Jassal whose store has greatly benefited from Operation Alcoholwatch™ in Newcastle.
Safe Newcastle Press Release » Newcastle City Council »
The tamperproof labels below are used by Safe Newcastle, The Fylde, Erewash Community and South Yorkshire have been specially designed to incorporate logo and other unique information for the area.
Operation Alcoholwatch Scheme - Read Press Release . . .        

These labels are only for purchase by Police forces and local councils with an interest in starting the Operation Alcoholwatch™ scheme - other types of security labels and posters can be ordered on request.

Operation Alcoholwatch Scheme

In conjunction with the labels, Operation Alcoholwatch™ posters and street signs are also available for which AngelScope® holds full copyright. The A4 or A5 warning posters (above) can be placed in retail outlets and the street posters (A3 or A4) are made in weatherproof 'Corriflute' (a durable corrugated plastic). We can also provide help with database services for data logging online.

For more information please call 0845 257 8298 or contact us by email: sales@angelscope.co.uk
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