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Advice to Parents
Advice to Parents
  Cotinine Nicotine Tests . . .
These ultra sensitive cotinine/nicotine tests are perfect to check for tobacco use. They are used by clinics, tobacco free programs, schools, parents and individuals. To see if your own system is free of nicotine, use these simple cotinine test kits. Cotinine will typically remain in the body from 7 hours to 3 days after the last cigarette.
  COT/Nicotine Saliva Test

Using this Cotinine SALIVA test is straight forward, with results in under 10 minutes. This is a rapid test for the detection of Cotinine (nicotine metabolite) in human saliva for the determination of smoking status only. Please note this is for professional use only and not intended for medical diagnostic use.

    Cotinine-Nicotine Saliva Tests (Pack of 5)
    Code: COT-SAL-005 Price: £30.00
    Cotinine-Nicotine Saliva Tests (Pack of 25)
    Code: COT-SAL-025 Price: £125.00
  COT/Nicotine Urine Test

This is a highly accurate rapid, one step professional URINE test for the detection of Cotinine in human urine at a cut-off concentration of 100ng/ml (most tests are 200 ng/ml). Cotinine is detectable in urine from 7 hours to 3 days after inhalation or ingestion - the test will also detect other related compounds.

Simply place 3 drops of urine with the pipette provided to the specimen well, wait for the coloured lines to appear within 5 minutes. Suitable for Medical, NHS, Insurance Company and other professional use.
    1 x Single device urine test for Cotinine/Nicotine
    Code: COT-URN-001 Price: £3.50 for 1
    5 x Single device urine tests for Cotinine/Nicotine
    Code: COT-URN-005 Price: £12.95 for 5
    10 x Single device urine tests for Cotinine/Nicotine
    Code: COT-URN-010 Price: £22.95 for 10
    40 x Single device urine tests for Cotinine/Nicotine
    Code: COT-URN-040 Price: £55.00 per pack of 40
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