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Advice to Parents
  Alcohol Tests: Digital Meters . . .
  Alco-Sensor FST Digital Breathalyser Alco Sensor FST More Info »  

The Alco-Sensor FST is our newest Fuel Cell Alcohol Digital Breathalyser that not only takes a breath test but also has the capability to test drinks for alcohol and test an unconscious person for the presence of alcohol or a group of people quickly and efficiently. The Alco-Sensor FST has Home Office approval and is NHTSA (US DOT) approved. This instrument produces fast reliable, accurate results every time and comes in a hard wearing rugged weather resistant black case and a package that is designed so that the operator has maximum control over the subject during sample collection.

  • sensor range 0 to 200ug/100ml breath
  • response time 5 to 10 seconds on - or + samples
  • meets US DOT requirements
  • Home Office Approved
  • backlit LCD for night use
  • last test recall memory
  • 25 mouthpieces + carrying case
  • 2 passive sample cups (reusable)
  • 1 Drink Sniffer (reusable)
  • Computer based training CD
  • 1 Year Parts and Labour warranty
    Alco-Sensor FST Digital Breathalyser + 25 Mouthpieces
    Code: ALC-FST Price: £396.00
    Alco-Sensor FST spare mouth pieces (100)
    Code: ALC-FST-MP-100 Price: £45.00
    30 Litre Dry Gas Tank for Alco-Sensor FST
    Code: ALC-IV-GAS-030 Price: £90.00
    108 Litre Dry Gas Tank for Alco-Sensor FST
    Code: ALC-IV-GAS-108 Price: £118.80
    Regulator Valve for above Cylinders £90.50
    Code: REG-GAS-001 Price: £90.50
This accurate system uses long life platinum fuel cell technology. The 'Drink Sniffer' attachment is designed to test the presence of alcohol in a drink, whilst the 'Passive Sample Cup' detects alcohol in an unconscious person or a group of people without having to change the cup. The rubberised, rugged construction and anti-corrosion wiring means the FST Alco-Sensor will outshine and outlive its competitors.
  Alco-Sensor AS-FST + Printer

The Alco-Sensor AS-FST is the same specification as the FST above but with printer capabilities. This advanced breathalyser comes complete with operators manual, 2 passive cups, 10 mouthpieces, 1 drink sniffer, wriststrap, Martel 7880 thermal printer, printer cable, 2 printer rolls, AC power supply and watertight carry case.

  • Sure-gripTM sleeve over entire instrument
  • Easy-change battery access
  • Magnets on both sides to prevent damge during use
  • A scratch/impact resistant display lens
  • Test memory
  • Print capabilities
  • Quality assurance lockout settings
  • Download capabilities
    Alco-Sensor AS-FST with Printer
    Code: AS-FST-P Price £650.00
  AL6000 (Pro) Professional Breathalyser

The latest version of the AL-6000 (Pro) portable breathalyzer offers cutting-edge breath alcohol sensing technology as well as powerful and convenient features to ensure the highest accuracy. The AL600 also utilises user changeable sensor modules - no sending for calibration services - and indicates when a replacement sensor should be fitted. The improved AL6000 (Pro) has a one-year warranty with NF/CE and DOT/NTHSA approval. It comes in a choice of Silver or Red, with user manual, hand strap and carry pouch, 2 x AA batteries and 5 mouthpieces.

  • Meets US Coast Guard requirements
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.005% at 0.10% BAC
  • Pressure sensor technology system
  • Test counter displays total tests performed.
  • Auto Power-Off
  • Dual Mode function (e.g. "Lo", "Med" or "Hi")
  • Highly accurate % BAC to 3 dec places
  • 'click-off' - 'click-on' re calibration modules
    AL6000 Pro Breathalyser in SILVER
    Code: ASP-6000-S Price: £75.00
    AL6000 Pro Breathalyser in RED
    Code: ASP-6000-R Price: £75.00
    100 AL6000 Pro Mouth Pieces
    Code: ASP-MP-100 Price: £40.00
    50 AL6000 Pro Mouth Pieces
    Code: ASP-MP-50 Price: £20.00
    Pre-Calibrated Spare Sensor Modules
    Code: ASP-SM-01 Price: £19.99 each
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