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Advice to Parents
Advice to Parents
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Pregnancy Tests

The AngelScope range of pregnancy tests are chosen for their accuracy and reliability (up to 99%). All our tests are CE marked, 100% MHRA compliant and sold in sealed boxes with full instructions. We supply the NHS, professionals and home users in both standard and ultra early pregnancy tests. They all detect HCG in urine using either strip, midstream cassettes or digital pregnancy test cassettes that are highly sophisticated, great value and very simple to use.
  Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator
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Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator is the latest innovation in pregnancy testing. This simple to use product is unique in that not only does it inform a woman whether she is pregnant or not, but also indicates when she conceived. The test is over 99% accurate in detecting pregnancy and 92% accurate in estimating time since conception. The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator is:
Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests  
  • Over 99% accurate from the day your period is due
  • The only test to indicate the number of weeks since conception
  • Easy to use, giving unmistakably clear results
  • So sensitive, you can test up to 4 days early
  • unique with its hourglass symbol to show the test is working
  • The brand most recommended by doctors
    Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test - 1 Pack (2 Tests)
    Code: CBDPT-02 Price: £10.99
  Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test - 2 Packs (4 Tests)
    Code: CBDPT-04 Price: £20.99

  Ultra Sensitive 10mIU Pregnancy Test

The Ultra Sensitive 10mIU pregnancy test is an easy to use test that provides results in as little as one minute. For best results use your first morning sample. Urine should be collected into a clean container and the strip dipped into the urine for 10-15 seconds. Positive test results may appear as early as one minute, earliest most sensitive pregnancy tests you can buy.

Professional 10mIU/ml Pregnancy Test  
  • one step self-test
  • 99% Accuracy
  • CE Mark 2 test pack
    10mIU Ultra Pregnancy Test - 2 Test Strips  
    Code: UPT-002 Price: £1.85
    10mIU Ultra Pregnancy Test - 10 Test Strips
    Code: UPT-010 Price: £8.99
    10mIU Ultra Pregnancy Test - 20 Test Strips
  Code: UPT-020 Price: £17.50
  Use AngelScope™ Urine Collection Cup »
  Professional Pregnancy Tests
These professional packs are offered for sale to professional end users only including clinics, hospitals, doctors, nurses, GP's, practioners, research labs, universities, charities and schools. They are for professional use with long expiry dates only.

Professional 10mIU/ml Ultra Pregnancy Test Carton - These Ultra 10mIU Pregnancy test strips come in cartons of 50 and detect just 10mIU hCG, are individually foil wrapped and over 99% accurate in clinical trials.

Professional 10mIU/ml Pregnancy Test
  • Cost: Lowest cost Ultra pregnancy test
  • Sensitive: Detects just 10mIU/ml hCG
  • Fast: Reliable pregnancy test in 3 minutes
  • Accurate: Over 99% accurate in clinical trials
  • Individual: Individually foil wrapped
    10mIU/ml Pregnancy Test Carton - 50 Tests
    Code: PTC-010-50 Price: £16.25
  Urine Collection Cup & Vitamins
Urine Collection Cup  

Standard Urine Collection Cup & Lid with measurements on side and place for a label. Specially made for medical urine collection.

Can be used with all our tests that require urine collection. Simply place test in cup and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

    Standard Urine Collection Cup
    Code: UCC-001 Price: £0.75
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