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Advice to Parents
Advice to Parents
  Training Courses in Drug Testing Procedures . . .
Full and half-day training sessions in drug and alcohol testing by our expert training executives.

When testing on-site, many companies do not follow the full drug and alcohol testing programme correctly. AngelScope is often contacted by employees regarding these procedures and it would appear that some basic precautionary steps in drug and alcohol testing are not being implemented.

By ignoring these basic procedures companies risk not only conflict with their employees but may also find that they are not protected by the law.This raises some serious concerns for both the companies and their employees.

AngelScope now offers comprehensive training days that meet with your health and safety requirements for drug and alcohol testing in the work place. These full and half day training sessions cover all aspects of drug testing, from a basic understanding of drugs and their effects to why we need to test in the workplace and the behaviour that drug use can cause. In addition you will find out the different forms that drugs can take and the equipment used. You will also learn how to implement a drug test correctly, incorporating a full chain of custody procedure, retention times, which drug test is best for purpose, how to deal with positive results and sending samples off to the laboratory for GC/MS testing confirmation.

Our trainers are fully qualified, experienced men and women who have worked in treatment centres and directly with drug users. They understand how to implement a drug test correctly, as well as all the excuses and scams which they have come across over the years. Within the training session they will share their experiences and cover all aspects of drug testing in the work place. All trainees will receive essential manuals, tests for training purposes on the day and a certificate of attendance.
Customers that have benefited from our training days are amongst bus and coach companies, docks, oil rigs, factories with dangerous machinery and treatment centres. Please contact us for further details allowing an average of 4 weeks for appointments or Tel: 020 7498 0102.
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